Auto Glass and Windshield Repair Repair Tips

Rockwall Windshield Repair is pleased to provide the following helpful tip to answer your questions about automobile glass and windshield repair.

Tips for Cleaning and Protecting Your Auto Glass

A clean windshield is an important part of maintaining and operating your vehicle, since good visibility helps you avoid problems on the road. Here are some tips to help keep your auto glass performing the way you want it to:

Commercial cleaning solutions

Start by using a glass cleaner. Any common brand of window cleaner will work. Clean the windshield inside and out by spraying the solution on and then wiping with a lint-free cloth. Newspaper also works well.


Once your windshield is clean, using a solvent like diluted rubbing alcohol on the outside of the windshield can help remove any remaining substances from your glass. Take care not to get the alcohol solution on your car’s paint! 
Apply a surfactant

Once your windshield is clean and dry, you can coat it with a protective chemical that helps keep it from fogging. You can find these at most auto parts stores.

Protective films

For an additional layer of protection from the elements and road debris, you might consider applying a protective film. These can help reduce damage from small objects that strike your windshield. 
For more information about protecting and treating your auto glass, contact the experts at Rockwell Auto Glass today! . 

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