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Windshield Maintenance Errors

In order for a vehicle’s windshield to remain clear and blemish-free, it must receive the proper maintenance. Unfortunately, some car owners tend to neglect the condition of their windshield. Here are some of the most common windshield maintenance errors. 

During the peak of the winter, it is not uncommon to find ice on your windshield. However, never make the mistake of using your windshield wipers to remove the ice. Not only can the underlying ice cause damage to the wiper blades, but it can also lead to the formation of small indentations on the surface of the windshield. The best approach is to use a plastic scraper to remove the ice. 

If your car windows begin to fog up, avoid using a rag to wipe away the moisture. Wiping a foggy windshield tends to smear the glass. This most effective solution is to use your vehicle’s defroster to clear the windshield. 

Another very common maintenance error is to overlook small chips. If the small chip is repaired in a timely manner, the structural integrity of the windshield will be preserved. On the other hand, waiting to get it repaired could ultimately lead to the emergence of a irreparable crack. 

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