Auto Glass and Windshield Repair Repair Tips

Rockwall Windshield Repair is pleased to provide the following helpful tip to answer your questions about automobile glass and windshield repair.

What do you Need to Know About Replacing Auto Glass?

Insurance Information

You will probably experience a broken windshield or window in a vehicle sometime in your lifetime. Most people do not know what to do in this situation, so it is vital to understand the glass replacement process. One of the most important things is verifying with your vehicle insurance company that there is financially coverage for damaged or broken glass. When a broken or chipped window does occur, you need to provide the insurance details to the technician replacing or fixing the glass to receive reimbursement. Automobile glass services drive to on-site locations to repair windows in most cases. 

Vehicle Details

You should provide information to the technician to make the repair as efficient as possible. Details needed include the model and year to select a window or windshield that is the perfect dimensions. If there is only a chip in the glass, describe its appearance and size to determine if it is repairable. You can even take a photograph of the damage to email to the technician. Never try to drive a vehicle without windows or damaged windows to avoid injuries from flying projectiles. To learn more about replacing automobile glass, contact the Rockwall Auto Glass Company. 

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