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When to Replace A Chipped or Cracked Windshield

Vehicle windshields are designed to withstand constant punishment from the elements. Unfortunately, an errant rock or object can easily crack a windshield. Most drivers don't pay much attention to smaller cracks or chips. The reality is that even small amounts of damage to a windshield can reduce its overall strength. Compared to an intact windshield, a damaged one can be many times weaker from a structural standpoint. 

Therefore, drivers should know what constitutes a tolerable risk here. A single crack that's less than six inches won't break anytime soon. Tiny surface chips to the windshield pose little danger, too. However, any damage that's longer than six inches could shatter unexpectedly, especially if hit by another object. Cracks that have started to branch out in different directions are also quite dangerous.

Windshields with multiple cracks or damage longer than six inches need to be replaced immediately. They pose too much of a threat for shattering without warning. On the other hand, smaller cracks and chips can be filled in with repair solutions. Motorists should trust Rockwall Auto Glass for their windshield repair and replacement needs. Other companies can make mistakes that wind up costing more money to fix in the long run.

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